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We are the only Magicians for Kids in NY who can keep children and adults engaged and entertained

•   Voted Best Children's Magic Show 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015!
•   A show that will challenge your imagination!
•   Where children will be the stars!
•   Includes live animals
•   FREE magic tricks
•   Interactive, Fun and Memorable!

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Have you ever been to a children's party and witnessed an energetic magician perform with tons of kids surrounding him; they are unable to turn their heads away from him, totally engaged and entertained with every trick; saying aaaawwwww about his cute live bunny; and raising their hands to be part of the show over and over again? Have you ever experienced that before? If your answers are no then you haven’t seen one of our trusted New York Magicians For Children because that is precisely what we do!

Our unique blend of children's magic, clean comedy, high energy, children's music, live bunnies, and (most importantly) lots of kids participation will help you make your next children's event in NY fun, entertaining and also memorable


  1. You want to see your guests happy!
  2. We will HELP YOU make your party a complete success.
  3. We make the children feel important!
  4. Our shows are not about us but YOU AND YOUR GUESTS!
  5. Our professionalism will put you at ease during your party.
  6. Besides we have the best Magicians and entertainers in the NY area
  7. Additionally, we were awarded "2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 Best New York Children's Entertainers".
  8. We have 17+ years of experience in performing Children's and Family Magic Shows and entertainment.
  9. We perform over 500 shows per year for thousands of people and we are in high demand!
  10. Plus we can perform bilingual shows in English and Spanish.
  11. Because we are proven, professional magicians and rated the leading Children's Magic Entertainer in NYC with hundreds of 5-star testimonials.
  12. Additionally, we bring everything for the show so you won't have to worry about anything.
  13. Also we carry complete insurance, offer a money-back guarantee, send you a contract and arrive early, making your planning process worry-free.

Our goal is to MAKE YOUR JOB EASY
and make YOU look good for hiring us!

We are happy to be one of the busiest magicians in the New York and New Jersey area so don't wait too long and call us now at (646) 476-9830 to reserve your spot!

This is why we always tell our clients when they're looking for a reputable, reliable and experienced magician  for their child's party:

Leave the Party Entertainment in our Expert's Hands

Wayland High School gave Matias a Five Star Review "Great Entertainer! Both children and parents alike were awed and amazed by Matias at our family event."

- Lauren Alongi
Wayland High School

Hasting Elementary School gave Matias a Five Star Review "Fantastic entertainment for the whole family! The kids loved him and had a great time. It's so much fun!"

- Vicki Bradley
Elsie A. Hastings Elementary School

Somerville Public Library gave Matias a Five Star Review "Excellent Performance! The kids were fascinated and really enjoyed the show."

- Cathy Piantigini
Somerville Public Library
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